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Swedish sounds to Dresden

Herman Müntzing (S) – electronic sounds
Günter Heinz (DD) – the wetware trombone

Herman Müntzing is an experimental and improvising musician and composer from Baskemölla, Sweden, who
prefers to treat and mistreat different kinds of acoustic and electric objects whenever and wherever it is appropriate.

His musical world embraces sounds produced by “normal” musical instruments as well as short-circuit video-mixers,
children toys, found objects and slowly rolling ping-pong balls. He is also the creator of 12 stringed experimental instrument “Flexichord” built out of strings and pickups from 2 electric guitars attached to a piece of massive wood.

Muntzing seems like a direct descendant of the AMM school; idealistic, communist electronic music, full of radio crackle and grit.
This swedish musician plugs, strikes, scratches the strings with a incredible number of objects remembering the approach of Fred Frith to go beyond traditional guitar playing.

During March 2019 he performs a couple of concerts in Germany. On the Dresden concert he cooperates with Saxon trombonist Günter Heinz.

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