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Vincent Audusseau: synthesizers, piano, vocals, lyrics & Max von der Goltz: drums, electronics, vocals.

Vincent and Max met and started playing together around this time, sharing a common background in jazz and improvised music. They soon started experimenting with analog synthesizers, electronics and vocals, opening doors to exciting new areas of exploration. Their journey began with a few songs written by Vincent, influenced by memories and impressions he had of Scandinavia. That however, was only the beginning.
Biwak play all original compositions, taking influence from bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order and David Bowie, in equal measure to the music of Jim Black, ADHD or Robert Wyatt. Alternating between highly structured pop songs and improvised/instrumental sections, this new synth-pop/alternative duo invites the listener on a journey through the dreamy landscapes of their imagination.

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